Google ads

A tool of google for designing and publishing of different type of ads .It is completely inorganic method of promotion it is also known as SEM -search engine marketing, PPC- pay per click. Google ads provide a powerful platform to advertise their business. It enables businesses to advertise their ads on search engine results pages (SERPs).

1.Growing Reach -google is the platform where billions of searches performed daily. This extensive search provides lots of opportunity to connect targeted audience in a relevant way for boosting growth of business.

 2. Advertisement :

Google Ads trying to target specific keywords for ranking , demographics, geographic locations to target audience so that This level of targeting helps business growth for their ideal customers and maximize the growth of business.

3.More Flexibilty:

google have complete control over budget expansion , ad content and campaign settings in Google Advertising. Through this google adjust all types of bid, easily set their limits of daily spending & customize ads and easily align marketing objectives.

Here types of ads: ads ad with extension

3.Display Ads

4.Vide Ads

5.Shopping Ads

6.Local business Ads

7.App Promotion Ads


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